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Vestas Mobile CVI - The tangible side of wind

Vestas supplies world-class technology and services all around the world. Mobile is a paramount platform. However, there was no clear-cut mobile strategy or suitable guidelines for interaction and visual design.

Smartphones and tablets are key platforms in user dialogues, emerging markets and new business opportunities. In order to align solutions, user experience and brand experience, an agile mobile Corporate Visual Identity (CVI) is of the utmost importance, enabling future projects to find their own perfect space within the given framework.

Vestas saw this, and recognised the urgency for a full mobile CVI. They wanted to create a CVI which would act as a template from which departments and projects could create their own individual app, each containing just what they needed it to contain, while remaining clearly Vestas. Having this mobile CVI would ensure consistency through all future apps, thereby removing any possibility of Vestas’ identity becoming fragmented – a danger all too easy to fall prey to. In fact, there already existed several small apps, driven from needs spotted in the market and reacted upon by sub-departments without any governance in regards to strategy, design or user experience.

When we kick-started our relationship with Designit, we were extremely encouraged by the energy and attention we received for our project. The team that we were set seemed unconventional at first glance but actually turned out to be quite simply the perfect fit. Designit listens, then they react – this is what sets them apart from the straight to solution agencies that we have encountered on too many occasions. Their approach was involved and agile, their input was considered but straightforward.

Tommy Rae Jnr, Lead Global Creative Specialist, Vestas

With an experienced and motivated team from Vestas, we co-created a framework that allowed us to define six different app categories (for tablets and smartphones). Starting out from the very basics, allowed us to provide detailed guidelines covering the complete potential spectrum of both tablet and smartphone apps.

The final mobile design framework is perfectly aligned with Vestas’ overall brand strategy, and at the same time, utilises the new potential within the given platforms. Vestas has created guidelines that remain constant while allowing for personalisation to each and every project or department. Two tablet apps created on the basis of the CVI have already been developed.

All in all, we have enjoyed the exceptionally professional and engaging manner in which the Designit team work and are currently scoping out new projects were we can further utilise this forward thinking, fast moving ‘agency of record’ for the benefit of our customers and our stakeholders globally.

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