Shaped for winning

Since floorball was invented in Sweden, it’s no wonder that the very best equipment for the sport should also be made there. Designit has worked with Swedish-born X3M to develop a top-of-the-line floorball blade, aimed at satisfying even top professional players and their rigorous demands for uncompromising hardware.  The Xplode blade fits in with X3M’s diverse range of shafts and grips to create an elite floorball stick.

To meet the sport’s regulations, the entire floorball stick has to be lightweight, yet calibrated enough for advanced play. This unique design challenge meant working with the construction of older yet successful blades, and new ideas to ensure that the blade shaves off every ounce of extra weight. Designit worked on all stages of the design process from the initial ideation and sketching to working with clay mockups, surface modeling, graphics and textures. The result is a winning design that comes in a variety of injection moulded plastics – aptly named Endurance, Sensation and Beast - so each player can choose a blade that’s perfect for them.

X3M Xplode is a totally unique blade design construction. The blade features HollowTorsion Dynamics that optimises torsional stiffness, ToeDragTop that enhances ball control and a DualCavity, which also increases shooting speed. Designit and X3M have made a blade that won’t compromise the user between playmaking tactics and shooting power - Xplode gives you both.