Healthcare innovation expo 2011

Jim held a Masterclass on March 9th, at 11.50am. Entitled ‘If Only Apple did Healthcare’, Jim’s Masterclass focused on his own knowledge of healthcare provision, comparing and contrasting experiences with Apple’s design-centric approach to everything from people to product, service to sales. 

Simon presented ‘Innovation or Serendipity – Your Choice’, during the ‘Next Practice not Best Practice in Innovation’ seminar, at 11.30am on the 10th.  His presentation discussed best practice and why next practice is all about those ever changing innovation journeys.

For more information regarding the expo, including more Masterclasses, seminars, and travel details, please check their site, Healthcare Innovation Expo.

Before joining Designit, Jim worked in a number of London’s foremost design consultancies, such as Roberts Weaver, Tangerine, and Therefore Product Design. He is an advisor to the Associate Parliamentary Group for Design and Innovation, and until recently was a member of the Associate Parliamentary Health Group. 

Simon is an experienced and qualified innovation practitioner and has worked in the innovation and creative industries for over 20 years. In that time he has worked with amongst others M&G, Visa International, Design Council, Cable and Wireless, IBM, and Virgin Atlantic.