• Client
    Jyske Bank
  • Expertise
    Digital design
  • Sector
    Financial services

Genuinely different

Jyske Bank's app averaged 5-star reviews while in its first two months not one single user found it necessary to call the help desk. This reflects the bank’s informal, yet highly professional stance.

Jyske Bank is known for their informal approach to banking, having abandoned the traditional bank counter setup back in 1998 in favour of an open environment, where customers and banking agents drink a cup of coffee together at a round table while they discuss business. 
Jyske Bank wanted a banking app that would reflect this informal yet professional stance and would constitute a full digital extension of their brand, while keeping a firm distance to their online banking. The aim wasn’t to simply convert online banking to a mobile platform, but rather to make full use of the native mobile possibilities, in a distinct Jyske Bank design.

Generating feedback

The priorities for the app were features that would make sense to people on the go and that could be used quickly and easily. The focus was on usability, design, and a desire for genuine differentiation in the market. Jyske Bank opened a debate on their website about the app. On a dedicated page they asked their customers what they wanted from a banking app, what they would use the most and for any other feedback regarding the app. They gathered hundreds of comments and suggestions from end users providing valuable insights for the design process.

Brand extension

The app was launched in three consecutive versions, the second adding mobile payments and the third one, the ability to trade stocks and shares. The result of the collaboration was a smooth-running mobile banking app that maintained the Jyske Bank spirit and brand, yet represented an entirely new brand extension.

The app hit the App Store and Android Market on March 1st and just 24 hours later, it was number 4 on the free download chart. After 2 months, the app had 24,000 users (being used 5–7 times more often than net banking), 32,000 downloads, not a single call to the help desk, had an average of 5 stars in the App Store, and had resulted in 700 new customer applications directly via the app.

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